our business is booming

A Note from Melinda…

We are seeing a record number of community members starting their first flock of chickens and planting their first gardens.  We are experiencing a run on certain inventory items but are doing our best to promptly restock our shelves and warehouse.   If you have not already done so, please join our email newsletter (use link at the bottom of this page) to stay abreast of information.  We are using our email newsletter as our main form of communication with the public during these unprecedented times.  

We are sorry if you caught us in a moment of weakness, and we have been short with you.  I know personally, the stress of meeting the needs of so many people and in so many ways has been challenging at times.  We are doing our very best to serve our community the best we can, but like you, we are only human and sometimes we have our shortfalls.  Please bear with us.

many ways to shop with us

Shop Inside

 We are keeping our showroom doors wide open.  We have a big space, and there is plenty of room for you to walk around our yard, warehouse, and showroom while practicing safe social distancing if you prefer to pick things out yourself.

Shop Outside / Call Inside

If you want to shop in our open air plant areas or look at fencing, hay, panels, gates, and the other items we have in our yard but do not want to come in, then you can do so.  Just browse outside, pick out what you want, and call inside when you are ready to pay (919) 542-3353 or flag down one of our outdoor employees to help.  We can take your order and payment over the phone or an employee can radio it into the counter without you coming into the showroom.

Call in your order from home

Place an order and pay by credit card over the phone.  (919) 542-3353.  As long as your order DOES NOT include plants, we can have your order ready in just a few minutes.  Tell us when you call whether you want to have us load you when you get here or if you want us to leave your order on the north side of the building for you to load yourself.  

Email your order

Send your shopping list to melinda@cfhsupply.com.   This may be an easier way for all of us to handle larger orders, but we need more lead time because we do not read email all day.  Expect us to check email first thing in the morning and again at noon.   If you want to pick up your order same day, make sure you send the order by 8am.  Include a phone number in your email so we can call you for payment and/or to discuss any questions we may have about your order.   

Ordering Plants

If you want us to pull a plant order for you, you must get your order to us by 12:00pm for same day pick up.   Orders placed after 12:00 will be ready the following afternoon or if placed on Friday will be ready Monday afternoon.   We have an employee (JoyceAnn) who comes in from 12-3pm every weekday to pull plants.   If you email us a plant order, please include a phone number so we can call you to arrange payment and to discuss any substitutions and shortages.   You can find our plant availability list here.   We update this list on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Most of our plant orders arrive on Thursday afternoons.  Our best plant availability is on Friday mornings.   


Place an order and payment over the phone.  Currently we are handling deliveries on a first come, first serve basis and trying to keep two trucks rolling when we can.  Currently, expect a 2-4 day wait time on delivery.   

Delivery Fees for normal delivery are as follows:

  • Within City Limits:  $15
  • 5-10 Miles from Store:  $20
  • 10-15 Miles from Store:  $30
  • 15-20 Miles from Store:  $40

Please note that a "normal delivery" is one where we can send one driver who can quickly unload and be back on the road.  If we have to send additional manpower for heavy lifting, unhitch trailers on your property, and in other ways extend our stay and labor at your farm, we will need to adjust the delivery fee accordingly.  

Cedar Grove, Hillsborough, Hurdle Mills farm deliveries happen on a monthly basis for $20 per stop.  You can find more details and our annual delivery schedule here.