Sweet Potato Slips Are Over for 2019 - Check Back With Us April 2020

What's New for 2019?

This year we are thrilled to report that all of our slips will be grown organically by Burch Farms in Faison, NC.   Burch has grown some our slips in the past, but we have routinely sourced slips from other farms, too.   Burch Farm slips have always exceeded our expectations in color, vigor, freshness, and shelf life, so we are ecstatic that we are able to source all of our varieties through them this year.   Additionally, we are offering a few new varieties that we are super excited about and think will meet market demands and offer greater yields through improved pest and disease resistance.   


  • 25 slip bundle $4.95
  • 50 slip bundle $8 
  • 100 slip bundle $15
  • 500 slip box $50
  • 1000 slip box $75
  • We will have singles on sale in the store for small home gardens.

If you purchase different varieties, then we will be charging the price per variety.  In other words, 100 slip bundles of five different varieties will cost $15 x 5 = $75, not $50.  Sorry, but there's just a lot more handling involved! 

Dates to Remember: 

  • Monday, (June 3) -  Store pick up for whole box orders (1000 count)
  • Tuesday, (June 4) - Store pick up for smaller orders & general walk-in sales begin
  • Tuesday (June 4) - Delivery to Orange/Durham Farms
  • Thursday (June 6) - Delivery to Lomax Incubator Farm, Concord, NC

      2019 Sweet Potato Varieties

      Bayou Belle            

      • Days to Maturity:  110-120 days
      • Skin Color:  Red/Purple
      • Flesh Color:  Deep Orange
      • Flesh Texture:  Firm, Moist

      Varietal Characteristics:   Developed in Louisiana, Bayou Belle is an excellent Garnet variety with superior yield.   The sugar content is similar to Carolina Ruby, but it has a firmer texture when baked.   The Bayou Belle produces similar to a Beauregard but consistently yields 10% higher.   Consistent shape but some variability in size.  Great flavor and good for processing.  Resistant to streptomyces, fusarium wilt, soil rot and root-knot nematode. 


      • Days to Maturity:  100 days
      • Skin Color:  Rose
      • Flesh Color:  Orange
      • Flesh Texture:  Light, Moist

      Varietal Characteristics:    Short growing season, excellent yielder of uniform oblong tubers.    Good storage.  Resistant to streptomyces soil rot, fusarium wilt but susceptible to root-knot nematode.  Excellent choice for sweet potato pies and butter recipes.

      Carolina Ruby  (see NC-531 or Bayou Belle)

      This variety has been a customer favorite.  However, the slips we sourced were always puny, weak, and farmers reported low yields and pest infestations.  Therefore, this year we searched for better options.   If you are a Carolina Ruby fan, we encourage you to try NC-531 or Bayou Belle for a sweet potato with similar characteristics, better yield, and improved pest resistance.  

      Charleston Scarlet

      • Days to Maturity:  120 Days
      • Skin Color:  Vibrant scarlet
      • Flesh Color:  Orange
      • Flesh Texture:  Moist and sweet

      Varietal Characteristics:    This South Carolina variety was released in 2010 from the USDA breeding program for insect resistance.    Scarlet stores well, has high yields, and superior baking qualities.   It is resistant to fusarium, wireworms, nematodes, and growth cracking.   Charleston Scarlet’s high level of insect and nematode resistance makes it a particularly good choice for organic farmers and gardeners.


      • Days to Maturity:  105-115 days
      • Skin Color:  Dark Rose
      • Flesh Color:  Orange-Yellow
      • Flesh Texture:  Light, Moist

      Varietal Characteristics:    A commercial giant, 90% of commercial sweet potatoes grown in NC are Covington.   The Covington grows well in many different types of soil and produces high yields of uniform tubers.  Resistant to Fusarium wilt and moderately resistant to streptomyces soil rot and the southern root-knot nematode.  


      • Days to Maturity:  120-135 days
      • Skin Color:  Light copper
      • Flesh Color:  Orange, to soft yellow when cooked
      • Flesh Texture:  Light, Moist

      Varietal Characteristics:    Developed at NC State, Jewel is prolific and well-adapted to southern growing conditions.   Disease resistance includes fusarium wilt, southern root-knot nematode, internal cork and sweet potato beetle.  


      • Days to Maturity:  115-125+ days
      • Skin Color:  Purple
      • Flesh Color:  White
      • Flesh Texture:  Firm, mealy (mashable)

      Varietal Characteristics:     A Japanese variety with a nutty flavor and loads of vitamin C.   Days to maturity is longer because it takes more time and energy for the high starch to be accumulated in this variety.   Holds up well to cooking as chips, fries, or wedges.   Disease resistance includes fusarium root rot and southern root-knot nematode.


      • Days to Maturity:  110-120
      • Skin Color:  Red / rose
      • Flesh Color:  Orange
      • Flesh Texture:   Sweet and Moist

      Varietal Characteristics:     This newly developed sweet potato from NC State shows great promise for organic growers.   It shows excellent resistance to fusarium wilt, root-knot nematodes, streptomyces soil rot, and also has good insect resistance.   It grows as bunches instead of vines and as such is reported to do a great job of suppressing weeds.   Anecdotally, we’ve been told that this sweet potato is close to Carolina Ruby in color and flavor but should produce better because of its resistance to pest, disease, and weed pressures.   Our slip grower produced it last year and was happy with yields.   We are excited for our customers to try the new NC-531 this year and report back!


      • Days to Maturity:  100 days
      • Skin Color:  Cream
      • Flesh Color:  Cream
      • Flesh Texture:  A little less moist than Beauregard

      Varietal Characteristics:    A relative of the Beauregard, this sweet potato has similar growing habits and disease resistance but with a cream-skinned, cream flesh.  Tubers are fast to mature and very sweet.  

      Found us late?  Think ahead to 2020...

      How to Order: 

      This part's easy!  Just send us an email, give us a call (919) 542-3353, or text Melinda at (919) 545-4429 and let us know what you want:  varieties and quantities.  Payment for smaller orders (fewer than 1000 slips) can be made at the time of pick up.  For folks buying boxes of 1000, we request a $25 deposit per box.  Deposits can be paid over the phone by credit card or by mailing a check.

      Do We Ship? 

      Last year, we experimentally began shipping sweet potato slips.  (We were very fearful of perishability of the slips in transit, but we had growers calling from afar begging us to ship to them.)  Our shipping experiment seemed to be a success, so we plan to ship again this year.  A couple of notes about shipping slips...

      1. We get all of our sweet potato slips in at one time.  If spring weather conditions are good, the slips will arrive May 20.  Worst case scenario, we'll have a cooler, wetter spring that will cause slips to be delayed into the first week of June.  Slips will ship as soon as we get them in and process them for shipping (within a couple of days of arrival).    
      2. Once slips arrive and they are packaged for shipping, we will call you to get payment over the phone.   Shipping charges will either be USPS flat rate shipping or UPS depending on the size of your order.  We do not upcharge shipping but we must pass along any shipping charges our business incurs to you.
      3. They vast majority of our orders are made with locals who pick up at the store, so please be sure to let us know if you require shipping so we can note it.