Now Accepting Fall Seven Springs Farm Supply Orders

Truck Day: August 17 with Crop Advisor on Site At Country Farm & Home

Order Now Through July 30 with Country Farm & Home

We are expanding our relationship with Seven Springs Farm Supply to offer a special fall order opportunity.  Place your order now through July 30.  Your order will arrive August 17 at our store with a Seven Springs crop advisor on site to assist with orders and answer questions.   This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on your fall supplies while getting expert advice, product knowledge, and meeting other farmers across the state.  

How Do I Place An Order:

How Do I Get Questions Answered:

  • Most product questions can be answered on the Seven Springs Farm website.
  • Call Country Farm and Home at 919-542-3353.
  • Remember a Seven Springs crop advisor will be on site at pick up to answer grower questions!

Why Should I Participate?

  • Get your list of fall supplies together now so you don’t forget later.
  • Did we mention there will be a crop advisor on site to answer grower questions?
  • Meet other farmers from the area picking up products.
  • Save money!  Your pay Seven Springs Farm advertised prices with no additional shipping.
  • If we have a good turnout, we’ll do it again!
  • Help Seven Springs Farm reduce their carbon footprint by making our store a centralized NC drop point.
  • Shop Country Farm and Home while here for all of your other grower needs (seed trays, irrigation, vegetable seeds, fencing, and so much more.)
  • Convince us while you are here that we should add a delivery route in your area… we’re thinking about it…