We are no longer taking orders!

We still have some extra alliums in our showroom.   Call or stop on by to check out what we have.   

Garlic, Onions, and Shallots

No shipping of seed garlic; store pickup or delivery only

Estimated Arrival Time of stock: 

  • Elephant Garlic: FALL ONLY, Mid-September 
  • Garlic:  FALL ONLY, Mid-September-October
  • Onion Sets:  Mid-September for fall plantings, February for spring plantings
  • Onion Bunches:  SPRING ONLY, Late February 
  • Shallot Sets: FALL ONLY, Mid-September 

How Do You Place An Order?

Simply email Hillary a list of what you want.  hillary@chathamfarmsupply.com

We will enter your order and email you a confirmation for your records.  Then, we'll reach out by phone or email once your alliums arrive.   If your alliums arrive at different times, we will give you the option to pick up as product arrives or have us hold your order everything is available.

No pre-payment is necessary except for large garlic orders.   

Garlic orders of 20lb. or more require a $10/pound deposit.