Garlic Catalog coming soon

We are furiously working with growers across the country - both new and old suppliers for us - to secure our allium selection for 2020.  When our catalog is ready, we will first announce it in our e-newsletter.  Are you subscribed?  If not, you can sign up at the bottom of this page.

Please note that in working with multiple supply sources, different varieties will be arriving at different times. 

If you want to pick up all your seed garlic and alliums in one stop, the catalog below represents our full selection for the Fall 2019 season.   You may call or email us your order and we'll hold your order for you until everything is in stock.  Once everything you'd like is available, we'll call you to come pick up your whole order.

After September 15, we should start having at least some varieties out in the store for you to browse.  There should be plenty available for small walk-in purchases.  All varieties may not be here until later in the month.

Check out our Allium Catalog below for varieties and descriptions.