Now Selling Produce Boxes & Containers

We have a new supplier with easy access to produce boxes and other post-harvest containers.  We are just dipping our toes into this area to see how it goes and what our customers have most interest in sourcing through us.   We have been warned that the price sheet we received is going to change May 1st, so we're looking to get an initial order placed before that time.   

For this first order:

Order Deadline:  Wednesday, April 20

Product Will Arrive:  Tuesday, April 26

We'll let you know how this goes and what next steps will be for additional orders and/or in-store inventory.   For now, check out the list of options below for availability.  Orders should be emailed to and include the following:

Order Information:

  • Name
  • Phone number & email address 
  • Item numbers & quantity desired of each