August 1 update:  

For the first year ever, our plant sales are remaining strong through the summer and are necessitating new plant orders.   We added plants from J&B Herbs and Plantworks this week... just in time for a dip in forecasted temperatures and good changes of rain!   (Fingers crossed...)  What an interesting summer!

Coming Soon:

  • August -  blueberry bushes
  • Two weeks out from fall transplants
  • Fruit trees arriving in October

We Will Continue to Update Our Plant Availability List Linked Below

We will update the spreadsheet below weekly with what is available in our garden center.  It will at least give you a relatively accurate view of availability, although keep in mind that we anticipate plants sales to be brisk this season.   We will note on the spreadsheet below when future arrivals are anticipated and when certain plants are winding down for the season, so reading this document will give you the best understanding of the flow of plant material in and out of our store so you can plan your purchases accordingly.