now taking orders for dixondale bUNCHED onions AND dUTCH vALLEY oNION sETS

We will be working with Dixondale Farms for Spring of 2022.  Dixondale Farms grows bunched onions for bulb onion production.  Local growers and market gardeners all agree that their stock yields the biggest, best bulb onions around and we want to make sure we're on the ball for 2022 with this order.   The onion bunches will be available in Spring 2022 only.

We have already placed our master order for Spring 2022 bagged onion sets with Dutch Valley Farms but will continue to fill orders for small amounts out of the extras we ordered.   If you want large amounts (multiple 30lb bags), please check with Hillary first to find out whether we have availability to fill your order.

Before you order, there is a document below explaining onions a bit; they are a tricky crop if you are not familiar with how to select which variety to grow, what kind of planting stock to select and when to plant.  This document answers those questions.  From there, check out the 2022 Spring Onion Varieties & Pricing. 

Information on Fall Onions, Garlic, and Shallots can be found in our 2021 Allium Catalog.

All Allium Orders should be sent to Hillary.

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