New for 2022

As in past years, we will continue to take reservations for birds on our chick list.  However, we will only special order males and cornish cross meat birds this year.   For all other birds, you will need to reserve from what you see posted already on our list.  Why?  Last year we wasted significant hours calling the hatchery to add on birds only to be turned down.   Increased demand on hatcheries as well as shipping delays with the US Postal Service put an unprecedented strain on the supply of birds last year.  Although we want to remain optomistic that bird shipping will be better this year, we are realistically bracing ourselves for a year much like last year.   Therefore, we have prebooked our largest number and selection of birds ever with the expectation that adding more birds later will be virtually impossible.  Meat birds and males are the exception to this as they seem to always be in excess supply, so we have no concerns about adding these orders for customers as needed.  

About Our Birds

We sell day old chicks, ducklings, keets (baby guineas), and poults (baby turkeys) from March through June. During this time we have several scheduled dates that birds are shipped to us from our hatchery. We work with Cackle Hatchery, a family run hatchery in Lebanon, Missouri.  Their website is full of information about the selection of  birds they offer as well as instructions for care.   We have been working with Cackle Hatchery for many years.  We have been very pleased with the health of the birds they send us as well as their rate of success in properly sexing birds.   Cackle's average success rate in sexing poultry is 90% meaning that in every 100 birds sexed as female, 10 may turn out to be roosters.  As a purchaser of day-old poultry, you assume the risk of getting a male even if the batch has been sexed as females; sexing day old poultry is as much of an art as a science & even the most seasoned professionals can make errors.  As a buyer of day-old birds, once they leave our doors, you have who you have.  We do not offer replacements or accept birds back once they have been sold.  That being said, anyone with unwanted cockerels is welcome to post a re-homing ad on our community board located by the ramp on our loading dock.

Chick Schedule & Special Ordering

During the months of March through June, we post a schedule of the varieties of birds we’ve ordered and when they are arriving. Check the link at the bottom of this page!  This year we are only special ordering cornish cross meat birds and males.   We find these birds are easiest to manage by special order.  The hatchery can typically add them to any of our dates, and it takes the guesswork out of us figuring out how many males and meat birds to stock.   

Heritage Breeds

Owning heritage breeds has become increasingly popular. Several of the birds we stock are heritage breeds. To read about which ones are heritage breeds, we encourage you to visit The Livestock Conservancy’s website, a wonderful resource based right here in downtown Pittsboro.  

Reserving Birds

We know some of the birds we get in are in high demand and you may not always be able to get here when they arrive on our dock.    Our ship dates are mostly scheduled on Wednesdays with an occasional Friday.  If you let us know your needs in advance, we will reserve birds for you.  We will call you once your birds arrive to our store, are checked in, fed, and watered.   We ask that you make arrangements to pick up your birds as promptly as possible.  All special order birds must be picked up no later than Saturday by 10am because we don’t want to make a special trip into town when we’re closed on Sunday to care for your birds.  Please let us know if your plans change so we can release your birds for sale to others.   Don’t abuse this policy.  Our customers are very happy we offer this flexibility for them, but all it takes is one bad egg... pun intended...

How Do You Reserve Birds?  You have three options:

  • Give us your wishlist at the counter the next time you are at the store.
  • Call the store during business hours at 919-542-3353.  Anyone who answers is trained to take your order.
  • Email

Please Take Note:

  • We will call you when your birds arrive.  You will have until 10am that Saturday to pick up your birds or they will be released for sale to others.  
  • Reservations will be filled in the order they were taken.  If we have a shortage of birds shipped, the last person to reserve may not receive their full order.
  • Pay for your birds at the time you pick up.

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