Whether you are growing food for your family, attracting wildlife, or decorating your landscape, we strive to have plant material that is locally and responsibly grown, well adapted for our area, and unlike what you would expect to find at box stores.

Be sure when you come check out both of our plant areas.   When you first enter the property you'll see a greenhouse directly in front of our store.  During peak spring and summer seasons, we keep plants on the South facing side of our building as well, just beyond the wooden ramp.

Want to know what's new in our garden center? 

All vegetable transplants and fruiting perennials are around the side of our main building & behind the ramp.  Local bedding plants, flowers, perennials, natives and herbs are all in the front greenhouse up front.

For plant availability, please check our Garden Center Plant Availability List located below. This is updated weekly.  Some things sell out very quickly; the list may say they're here, but they might already have gone home.  Don't hesitate to give us a call before you head our way to make sure what you're looking for is available. 

Click on the green bar below for a complete list of what's on the property right now



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Pre-order periods typically last 4-6 weeks once we open orders on the crops listed below.  Once pre-order periods close, we figure out how much we need to order then we add some extra for general store sales.  We do our best to have plenty of stock available for walk in sales, but it's typical that certain varieties of some seasonal crops sell out in advance of their arrival.  Small and large seasonal pre-orders are welcome to ensure you get what you want for the upcoming growing season. 

Bare Root Plants_ Order period opens in July; stock arrival in January

Seed Potatoes_ Order period opens in November; tater arrival in February

Sweet Potato Slips_ Order period opens in April; slip arrival in late May-early June (weather dependent)

Strawberry Plugs_ Order period opens in May; plug arrival in September-October (weather dependent)

Fall Alliums, Garlic, Shallots, Onion Sets, Elephant Garlic_ Order period opens in July; stock arrival in September-October

Spring Onion Bunches & Sets_ Same order period as Fall Alliums; stock arrival in February