Reserving Packages, NUCs, and Queens!

We are partnering with Beez Needz to provide our local beekeepers with packages, NUCs, and queens.  Beez Needz will supply us with the bees.  Country Farm and Home will handle all reservations and collect payment.  Pick up will be at the store.  Here are the details…

Explanation of terminology:

Bee Pack: This is 3# pounds of worker bees and a laying queen. They are in a box and you need to supply all the rest. 

Bee Nuc: This is short for "Nucleus Colony". One Bee Nuc includes workers, a laying queen, 5 frames of drawn out comb, eggs, brood all in a box. These ladies are ready to hit the ground running! If you're a new bee keeper, this is the way to go for best success since they're already situated. 

2023 Package Day - TBA - late march - mid april  (Weather Pending)

We are booking 3 lb. Italian bee packages from Georgia NOW!   .

Packages are $138 each and include a MARKED queen.   Reserve packages now to hold your space.  Packages need to be prepaid at time of reservation, or at the very latest by March 1.  Package sales are first come first serve.  We will continue taking package orders until we run out of availability.   We'll let you know a firm arrival date as soon as we have details.   

2023 NUC Day - TBA mid March to early april (Weather Pending)

 We are reserving 5 Frame NUCs NOW!   By setting up your bees earlier in the season and starting with a NUC, you will have an opportunity to establish a stronger hive in the first year!   Call the store or email us to reserve yours.  NUCs are $200 and include five frames of bees with a mated queen in a NUC box.   NUCS need to be prepaid by March 1. 

How do I Reserve My Bees? 

Call the store at (919) 542-3353 or email Kyle at to reserve packages or NUCs!   Payment needs to be made in advance to reserve bees and can be done by either calling in a credit card number, mailing a check, or stopping by the store.   We need all payments by March 1.

Beekeeping Supplies

Please note that we are still operating off of last year's Beekeeping Supply List (attached below).   We do anticipate price changes once we receive our large spring orders in the coming weeks.   

Feel free to use this list to help you plan.  This may not be a complete list of everything we offer in our beekeeping area, but it gives you the basics.  (It's hard to keep up!)  For larger orders, some customers find it useful to use this supply list as an order form and submit it to our store in advance of pick up so we have an opportunity to pull supplies together for you.  This can make your shopping experience a bit more efficient and also ensures that everything you need will be in stock, assembled, and ready for you when you come to pick up.