Farmer Group Order of Bulky Items

(Albert Lea order has passed; all other deadlines March 3rd)

We are better together!  Tired of ordering bulky items like greenhouse plastic, insect netting, apple cider vinegar, tree tubes, food packaging, cover crop seed and more and paying just as much for shipping as you do for the product?  Our goal is to collectively pool orders among farmers across our current retail store and delivery footprint and eliminate that freight charge for you.   As a wholesaler, we qualify for free freight with several vendors if our total order meets a specified weight or dollar amount.  Even for vendors who do charge us freight, we all know that freight is less per item the more you buy.  Plus, if all of the orders come to our store for distribution via store pick up or delivery route, we are making a positive impact on the carbon footprint normally associated with distribution of these items.   

Frequently asked questions about this bulky order:

The vendors we are working with on this bulk program are listed below.   Below that list is a link to a fillable .pdf order form that can be used for ordering.   Specific details about when each order arrives are listed with the vendor on the order form.   You can fill in the order form and email it to or you can simply list the items you want in the body of an email.   Orders require a firm commitment that you will pick up your order promptly after it arrives at the store or receive delivery upon the next delivery route in your area.  Payment will be required at the time you receive your product.   

Disclaimer:  To fulfill your order, your desired items must be available in the vendor’s warehouse at the time of shipment.   We will submit all of our orders after the order deadline closes.  Once we collect all orders, we will send you a formal confirmation or notify you if there is a shortage so you can plan accordingly.


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