warm season grasses and cover crops - New crop arrives in march 2024

Hey Farmers!  We purchase from Welter Seed, Albert Lea, and other seed distributors.  We know some of you source hard-to-find seed, and freight charges can be just as costly as the seed itself.  If you ever want to piggyback your order onto ours, we are happy to save you the freight (and us too).  Reach out to Melinda@cfhsupply.com by the first of March or late July for coordinating.   

We stock a variety of summer annual and perennial grasses, legumes, and grains.  Whether you're interested in improving your soil's nutrition, grazing livestock, attracting wildlife, or simply greening your lawn, check out our seed selection.  The link below will provide you with a complete list of warm season annual and perennial seeds with pricing by the pound or 50lb. bag.

As you are planning your summer plantings, here are a couple of other resources that may be helpful...

Need to know seeding rates for particular crops?  Check out the Forage Planting Guide for North Carolina.

Want to plant a cover crop for your garden but not sure where to get started?  Check out our notes from 2013's Agricultural Extension Workshop on Cover Crops.  

And of course, you're always welcome to stop by and chat with us, call, or email!  We're here to help.