Warm season veggie transplants have arrived!  We'll get more weekly if you don't see what you're looking for.  They may arrive any day between Tuesday and Friday; week to week ETA varies.  All the good stuff is starting to roll in; specialty tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, summer & winter squash, cucumbers, herbs, 6 different kinds of basil and lots more is all out back with the fruit trees behind the ramp.

on sale now... all cool season veggies... 50% off!

We're overstocked on broccoli, kohlrabi, kale, leeks & radicchio.  If you have some room, they're $1.50 per 4 pack or $18.00 for a flat of 48 plants.

Here's where to look if you're coming for plants:

Front Greenhouse:  Herbs, annual flowers, perennials, natives, grasses, ferns, bananas & elephant ears

Back Garden Center:  Cool & Warm season vegetable transplants, fruiting perennials

Stay tuned to the Garden Center Availability list to see what's landed.  We update this list weekly and things may sell out from the time we post the list to when you come see us.  Give us a call to see if what you're looking for is still available if you have a long drive.  We are unable to hold plants for folks; it's first come, first served.  We request that all plants are purchased and taken from the property at time of payment.  We are unable to hold plants for folks with the amount of traffic we get on a daily basis.  We thank you for working with us!

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