three ways to buy brooks compost blends


Option 1:  Pick Up Bulk BR-1 or BR-4 by the Tractor Scoop at Country Farm & Home

Aside from ordering a 25-30 yard truckload directly from Brooks Contractor, this remains the most economical way to purchase Brook's original compost blend (BR-1) and their 50/50 compost/topsoil blend (BR-4).   Bring a truck and/or trailer with sides to our store and we can scoop these bulk products directly into your vehicle.     Our tractor scoops are 1/2 yard.  Keep in mind the weight restrictions of your vehicle.  BR-1 weighs ~600-750lb per scoop dependent on water weight and BR-4 weighs ~900-1100 per scoop. 

Option 2:  Schedule a Local Country Farm & Home Dump Truck Delivery of BR-1 or BR-4 

This option is available to anyone wanting to purchase BR-1 or BR-4 within a 20 mile radius of our store.   Our truck can haul up to 4 yards of BR-4 and 5 yards of BR-1 per trip.  For more details about pricing, load capacity, and delivery fees, click here.

Option 3:  Order Any of the Four Brooks Blends by the Cubic Yard Tote for Store Pick Up or Delivery Across the Carolinas

Things to consider before placing a tote order:

  • All Four Brooks blends are available in totes:  BR-1, BR-4, BR-1MG, BR-1NOP. See descriptions below.
  • Tote pricing is listed below and is different from bulk tractor scoop pricing due to packaging, labor, and transportation costs.
  • We are currently only stocking totes of the BR-1MG at the store.  All other blends must be pre-ordered.  Our truck picks up tote orders from the Brooks Contractor facility roughly every two weeks, so allow lead time for order fulfillment.
  • If you want to pick up a tote at the store, your truck and/or trailer must be able to accommodate the weight.  BR-1, BR-1MG, BR-1NOP each weigh +/- 1250lb per tote dependent on water weight.   BR-4 weighs +/- 1800lb per tote.  Each tote sits on a 40" x 48" wood pallet and is roughly 3.5' tall.   
  • If you need delivery, we are currently only offering tote delivery with our liftgate truck  in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and Durham areas.   Delivery with a liftgate requires a hard-packed gravel, asphault, or concrete surface.  We must be able to use a pallet jack to move the tote from our liftgate to your property without getting stuck.
  • Tote delivery on any of our more distant farm delivery routes is available to anyone who has a tractor or skid steer on site for offloading.

How To Order:

Send an email to with the following information:

  • Which Brooks blend you want to order
  • Number of totes desired
  • How do you want to receive it: store pick up or farmer delivery route (note which route you are on).   
  • Do you require a liftgate or will you have a tractor or skid steer on site for offloading?