2023 fall/winter Vermont Compost Prebuy is happening now

Order Deadline Friday, October 27

fyi:  Here were the details for 2023:

  • Order Deadline:  Friday, October 27
  • Must order whole pallet(s) or tote(s)
  • Payment by cash or check required to get best pricing
  • Price does not include shipping from Vermont to Country Farm & Home which will be calculated at time of shipment 

We estimate per pallet shipping to run ~$100 this year.   We will do everything we can to secure the best freight rate possible.  We will not formally bill you until we have a shipping quote.  We expect to receive a shipping quote as our load is ready to leave VT.   Shipping cost will be calculated by taking the truckload freight cost and dividing it equally among all totes/pallets on the truck.   We are coordinating a bulk truck of Seven Springs supplies to come at a similar time as this Vermont Compost truck.  That way any farmers traveling to the store to pick up Vermont Compost or receiving it on our delivery routes can pick up other supplies to get a head start for 2024 (and a tax write-off for 2023).   More to come on the bulk truck later.   

Prices quoted above are for payment by cash or check.   We are trying to keep your price down and therefore have not built in margin to cover credit card fees.  

Want In?  Email melinda@cfhsupply.com with the following:

  • Which Vermont Compost product?  (See List Below)
  • Bags or Totes?
  • How Many?
  • Delivery or Store Pick Up?  (Delivery must be on a designated Country Farm & Home Delivery Route.  If you have quesitons, email Melinda at the address above.)

Firm commitment required at time of order.   Payment not required until receipt of product.