PLEASE NOTE:  Bare Root plants are for STORE PICK UP ONLY.  We are not able to ship these.


Stock will arrive in January & there may be some extras for walk in sales once we sort the main order.  Anyone that pre-ordered will be emailed once the order has been sorted.  If you did not pre-order & you want some dormant bare root plants, call the store to see if this order has landed.  Once they're displayed for sale, our sales team can let you know what is available. 


As things heat up, think about things cooling down...

It's time to plan what you want to introduce into your landscape this winter as dormant, bare root seedlings/plants.  Read on about bare roots or see the order form at the bottom of this page.

Bare root plants are a great, inexpensive and efficient way to fill out your landscape.  By installing them as young & dormant plants you reap many rewards. 

  • First, bare root plants are CHEAP!  Compared to buying potted plants that may be 2-5 years old, these little ones are 1-2 years old and only a few dollars each.
  • Second, planting is EASY.  By planting them young, many times all you'll need is a trowel!  No need for a huge hole; just enough to get the roots in the ground & you're done.  All of these are natives and do not require much special attention or pampering.  However, if you are getting fruiting plants, you may want to incorporate some phosphorus and potassium into the root zone to make sure they have access to those nutrients.
  • Third, bare root plants THRIVE NEXT SPRING.  Your bare root plants will get off to a running start when they break dormancy.  All winter, they continue to develop their root systems so when spring rolls around, your plants are in good shape to get growing!  Their small size works in their favor by having balanced above ground growth and below ground growth.  You may notice that bare root plants outperform containerized plants that have a lot of top growth but a proportionally small root ball.  As the season progresses, you'll notice you won't need to water as much as spring-planted trees/shrubs because of these same factors.


All of our bare roots are coming from Mellow Marsh Farm, a local leader in native plants.   Check out their web site as an excellent resource to learn more about specific plant varieties.